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STEN, a mixed octagonal, featuring decorative detail and rigorous geometry echoing the aesthetic of the Art Deco era. Very constructive with its angular wings. Distinguished and dynamic. Elegant and balanced. STEN likes speed, crazy races, taking everything in its stride, fitting in everywhere, with disconcerting ease. SO chic.

Finesse and ornamental details for this art deco concept in titanium. Goldsmith influence. Embossments and bas-reliefs. Its sobriety is underlined by its clear, filigree, calligraphic lines.

A tribute to the 1920s and magnificent dandies, the OCEAN DRIVE concept models are jewel-like objects, delicate, elegant, from their resin inserts at the very tips of their arms to their double bridge, from their elaborately crafted temples to their expertly honed plaquettes.

They are light, airy frames, precious and decorative. Their purified spirit contrasts with their added volumes that outline open spaces. Their ultra-slender sections, thee subtle crossings of lines, their dynamism and weightlessness recall the glory days of the jazz age, the luxurious febrility of the post-war years – the Roaring Twenties, a vertiginous turning point at the meeting of worlds, somewhere between the American dream and the French Riviera.

The OCEAN DRIVE concept frames are made to race like the wind, in a convertible car, with leather and walnut interior, preferably a collector’s model, like the Tucker Torpedo. They cultivate well-groomed wardrobes, exclusive rarities, and go on unforgettable jaunts in the ferociously fine company of sensational friends.

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