Optometry is a fascinating part of the behavioral sciences and we are proud to practice it in our store. It deals with the functional health of vision, taking into account various elements in an effort to assess the ability of the brain to use both eyes in the most productive way possible for the tasks performed. Our goal is to offer the time and energy needed to every client, in order to understand their unique circumstances, evaluate their visual skills and provide them with options and solutions. This makes our approach a personalized one.

Vision therapy

One of the most sophisticated solutions available for our clients. Once the needs of a client are determined, their skills evaluated and their symptoms assessed, a program of activities is structured meant to offer meaningful experiences, that will eventually increase skills and alleviate symptoms. 

Contact lenses

Our philosophy is "personalised care". To meet this goal, we work with some of the largest contact lens manufacturers bringing to our customers a wide range of products to cover most of their needs. We also work with some independent workshops in order to be able to also provide custom solutions wherever the need arises.

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